• Works
    :: Works with standard specifications, classified into Categories/Sub Heads.
    :: Provision for editing Rates and Specifications for individual Projects.
    :: Provision to change Measurements and Units.
    :: Provision to add new works.
  • Rate Analysis
    :: Material, labour and machinery requirements for each work and its rates.
    :: Material, labour and machinery rates can be set in a common screen.
    :: Unit wise cost and split up costs can be extracted.
    :: Provision for changing prices and coefficients for individual project
  • Schedule of Quantities
    :: Detailed Estimate with dimensions of each work in a project.
  • Abstract Estimates
    :: You can make reports on Actual cost, Market Rate and Confidential rates
       (3 levels) for each Estimate.
    :: Split up of material, labour and machinery cost.
  • Bill of Quantities
    :: With detailed specifications and provision for entering rates for quote.
  • Summary
    :: Item wise summary of estimate without specifications.
  • Floor Totals
    :: Floor level summary of estimate.
  • Material Estimates
    :: This gives you the exact idea about the materials needed for each item
       (work) in a project.
    :: Material wise and item wise report.
    :: Summary report
  • Labour Estimates
    :: This gives you the exact details of Labour needed for each Item.
    :: Labour wise and item wise report.
    :: Summary report
  • Project Rate Analysis
    :: Split up of costs into materials, labours, machines, etc.
    :: Unit cost and actual cost based on quantity is arrived.
  • Schedule of Bars
    :: Structure wise.
    :: Bar wise.
    :: Summary.
  • Tendering
    :: Tender Creation: You can make tender documents by splitting the estimate into various
       heads like civil works, electrification, plumping, air conditioning etc. and issue to    selected contractors.
    :: Tender Receipts: Provision for entering quoted rates of contractors for comparison,    negotiation, adjusting and finalization.
    :: Work Order: Provision for selecting a contractor for a tender and issuing the work
  • Measurement Book
    :: Date wise or weekly measurement for sites entered by site engineers that can be
        used in bills.
  • Cost Control
    :: Consumption of materials, labour and machinery can be recorded and
       compared with expected figures.
    :: This helps you to check date wise consumption of material, Labour and other over
       heads which is very useful for project monitoring.
  • Cost Abstract
    :: Summery of actual cost which can be separated in to total cost,cost per square meter,
       percentage cost and section wise cost.
    :: Total cost of construction and unit cost can be arrived.
  • Comparison of Estimates vs. Actual on Material, Labour and Cost
    :: This helps you to check item wise consumption of material, Labour etc.
       which is very useful for management decisions and cost control.
  • Contractor's & Subcontractor's Billing
    :: Measurement wise bills with previous quantities and payments.
    :: Up to date, already billed and balance quantities and payments.
  • Labour Billing
    :: Additional bills including labour wages etc.
  • Purchase Request
    :: Material requests from sites by site engineer.
  • Purchase Order
    :: Compare material requests with estimated quantities.
  • :: Purchase Order Processing.
  • Reception of Materials
    :: Reception of materials on site.
  • Data Dictionary
    :: Data dictionary is provided for Clients, Contractors, Suppliers, Materials, Labours,
       Machineries, etc.
    :: Mailing labels can be produced.
  • Contractor's List
    :: Here we can maintain a list of approved contractors and their up to date item rates or
       labour rates.
  • Supplier List
    :: Here we can maintain a list of approved suppliers and their up to date price list.
    :: It is easy to find various suppliers for a material and their details and rates. | |