Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


System requirements for Estimator?

Estimator works on windows 10//8/7/XP.

How to instll Estimator?

Download and install the evaluation version from this website. After installation shortcuts are created in 'Desktop' and 'Programs' menu. Now run Estimator. Default user name is 'ADMIN' and password is '123'.

Any additional components required?

Normally no other components required. But in windows without data access components installed, you may install MDAC 2.8 and Jet 4.0 from the Estimator CD '\ Components' folder. You may restart the system after installation.

What are the main modules in Estimator?

Quantity Estimate
Rate Analysis
Material & Labour Estimate
Work Order
Measurement Book
Cost Analysis

Where the files are stored?

All the projects are stored in the access database file 'estimate.mdb' in the installation path.

How to take a backup?

Estimator automatically takes backups every time it runs in the folder 'autoBackup'. But you can manually take a backup from the 'Admin' menu.

How to export a project?

For working in another system you can export it into a separate access file from the 'Admin' menu. Then you can open it from another system by the 'Open File' option from 'Admin' menu.

How to preview and print a report?

Run the report. A printer selection dialogue will appear. Select the appropriate printer and click OK. Then the report is viewed on the screen. Click the printer icon on the top left corner to print. A dialogue appears to select whether all pages or selected pages to print. Make appropriate selection and click OK.

How to export the reports?

You can export all the reports in portable document, word and excel formats and open them using relevant applications. Click the export icon on the top left corner of the report preview. A dialogue appears to select the export format. Make appropriate selection and click OK. Select the export destination also.

Is it possible to select different page sizes for printing?

Yes, you can select various paper sizes supported by the printer.

How to print reports in Letterhead?

Select 'Options' from 'Admin' menu. Uncheck 'Header' and check 'Letterhead' and save.

How to create Users and Passwords?

You can create/edit users using the menu 'User Management' in 'Admin'. Here you can set permissions to various menus also. You can change the password from 'Change Password' in 'Users'.


What are the types of items of works available?

Works are classified into categories like Civil Works, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. Civil works further classified into Earth works, PCC, RCC, Steel Reinforcement, Brick work, Rubble Masonry, Plastering, Painting etc. Electrical works further classified into Generator System, Substation, Distribution Boards, Lighting, Earth Station, etc. Plumbing works further classified into Sanitary Items, Pipes, Drainage, etc.

What standards are used for specification and rate analysis?

Estimator follows latest CPWD standards. However items not included in the data books uses other standards available. These data can be fully customizable individually.

How to change rates and specifications permanently?

Select 'Works' from 'Masters'. Here we can add or edit rates and specifications.

How to edit Rate Analysis?

You can edit the coefficients by selecting the item and select 'Edit'. You can edit the rates by opening 'Materials / Labours' screen.


What are the inputs required for quantity calculations?

The input of data is classified into groups like centerline calculations, rooms, openings, R.C.C., steel requirements etc. Only one time data entry is required for any components to estimate the quantities of items using that component.

How to enter Deductions?

Normally items entered in openings are deducted from Brick Work, Plastering and Painting of Walls. Concrete items like Lintels, Beams and Columns are also deducted from Brick Works. But if you want any other deductions manually you can edit the item in Project Works and enter dimensions directly. If Deduction property is not set for a particular item, you can select the item from 'Works' on 'Masters' and change 'Measurements' to 'LBHD', 'LBD' or 'LHD' respectively where 'D' stand for Deductions.

Is it possible to use drawings as inputs for Quantity Estimation?

Pre-processing a drawing by entering all the data required for estimation is difficult and time consuming. Moreover extracting data from drawings for a complicated project is confusing.

Is it possible to enter the quantity of work directly, without entering its dimensions?

Yes. You can select the items for estimation and enter quantity directly without entering its dimensions.

How to change rates and specifications for a project?

Click on an item and select 'Edit'. 'Work Details' screen appears. Here we can change rates and 'specifications'.

How to edit Rate Analysis for a project?

Select a work and select 'Rate Analysis' from 'Project Works'. Here we can edit the coefficients and set the material and labour rates for that project.

How to copy a project?

Click the 'Copy' button on 'Project Buildings'. A screen named 'Copy Projects' appears. Select the project and give the new 'Project ID' in the 'New Project ID' and click 'Copy' button. All the data up to tendering will be copied to the new project. Now you can rename the 'Project Name'.

How to copy all the works from a floor to the following floors in typical structure?

Select the floor in 'Project Works' and click the 'Copy' button. A dialogue appears to confirm the action. Give yes to copy.

How to copy a selected work(s) to a particular floor?

Select the item and select 'Copy To'. Then select the floor and click 'Copy'.

How to adjust the rates to a particular percentage?

Select a work and select 'Adjust Rates'. Select 'Selected Item' or 'All Items'. Then select the percentage and click 'Adjust'.


How to set the report title?

The 'Project Name' in the 'Project Buildings' is the report title. 'Page Title' can also be specified.

How to set 'Company Name' in report header?

Select 'Options' from 'Admin' menu. Check 'Header' and save.

How to print estimates without lines?

Select 'Options' from 'Admin' menu. Check 'No Lines' and check 'No Outer Box' and save.

How to print Client Details in Report Header?

Select 'Options' from 'Admin' menu. Check 'Client Info' and save.

How to take a portion of an estimate as a document?

You can 'double click' on any 'group heading' of a report. Then the selected group with its subgroups will open in a separate tab in the preview. Now you can print the selected tab.


What are the main functions available in Tendering?

Here you can split the estimate into various Tenders and issue the BOQ to the qualified Contractors. Then the rates quoted by the Contractors can be received and compared. Finally you can select a Contractor and issue the Work Order.

Is it possible to maintain a database of Contractors?

Yes, you can maintain a list of Contractors and their item rates and labour rates. You can also produce item wise comparison reports for analysis.


How to reprint 'Bills' and 'Purchase Documents' once created?

You can reprint them from the 'Reprints' menu. You can also take summaries from here.

Is it possible to maintain a database of Suppliers?

Yes, you can maintain a list of Suppliers and their price lists. You can also produce material wise comparison reports for analysis.


How after sale support provide?

Estimator 2.0 is now free! Technical support is offered through email. | |